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Online Dry Needling Courses

Online Dry Needling Courses

Online Dry Needling Course Series Overview

If you are wondering what dry needling is, how it works, how it could help you, or how to implement it into your current practice model, these online dry needling classes are for you. If you already needle and would like to learn more about it to advance your skills, like how to specifically target the autonomic nervous system (ANS) to induce homeostasis, or simply hear a new perspective on treatment strategy, these classes are for you too.

Online Dry Needling 1: Dry Needling & the Autonomic Nervous System

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Online Dry Needling 2: Dry Needling to Improve Men's & Women's Pelvic Health

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Live-Online Dry Needling: Dry Needling & the Autonomic Nervous System \ NEW DATE TBD

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Intricate Art online needling courses are for both new and experienced needlers alike. We discuss the advanced application of dry needling using our unique methodology of treating the autonomic nervous system itself. If you already know how to needle, implementing these new ways of thinking about needling treatment is something you can do immediately, and will result in significantly improved in patient outcomes. This is one of the most frequent complements we receive from experienced needlers who have taken our online courses. If you do not already needle, you will walk away from these courses with the background information, knowledge, and understanding to begin your needling career with the most advanced, effective needling technique created to date.

We created these courses to be accessible in podcast form, as well as typical online class form. You do not need to be at a computer and do not need to see the screen for the talks to make sense. However, there are voice over PowerPoints and videos that accompany each topic, which will add to your learning experience.

This online course series in dry needling serves as an access point to gain advanced neurophysiologic knowledge and understanding of dry needling for medical practitioners, with the goal of improving mental and physical health for the general population. You will come away from these courses with a powerful ability to regulate the autonomic nervous system with dry needling to treat and resolve mental and physical health impairments.

If you are looking to improve your own health, or improve the health of others, you will come away from these courses with useful information to help you achieve your health goals, and those of your patients.

Although needling is not allowed in every state, and it varies per profession, it is allowed in most. For PT’s, the only states where it is not legal, yet, is NY, CA, OR, & HI. For practitioners who practice in a state where needling is not allowed, these courses remain beneficial as they allow you to become familiar with the technique and provides education concerning various pain pathways, mechanisms of action, other potential ways to reduce pain, regulate the autonomic nervous system, improve outcomes, and more. This includes being knowledgeable about different forms of treatment, which allows for effective interdisciplinary referrals and informed individual choice, to maximize health potential.

If you are not a medical person, but are interested in learning about this awesome treatment to improve your health, this class will provide you with the tools to do so. Students have permanent access to all class materials and any updates we make in the future. Students also have permanent access to the instructor, Jason, following the course, for any questions.


These online courses do not teach you how to needle, they teach you how to think about needling to optimize treatment efficacy. Our online courses are not intended to replace in-person dry needling instruction. Each course provides a theoretical discussion with practical application for those who already have needling experience or are looking to gain valuable background knowledge prior to learning, or for those who would simply like to learn about dry needling and its potent regulatory effect on the autonomic nervous system.

These courses may, or may not satisfy state licensure requirements to allow you to practice dry needling. Please refer to your state practice act for rules and regulations associated with obtaining and maintaining a license to practice dry needling in your state, according to your health care license.

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