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Why Choose Intricate Art

Why Choose Intricate Art

We help medical professionals help their patients.

We are dedicated to providing a unique experience for our students through personalized courses, small class sizes, and different perspectives on all aspects of dry needling and spinal manipulation. We offer a unique Intricate Art Manual Therapy Certification (IAMTC) and an Intricate Art Dry Needling Certified Practitioner (IADN Cert. Practitioner) program.


Who is Intricate Art?

Intricate Art is a veteran-owned company, operated by Jason and Angela. They bring their years of traveling, experience, and following their passion to each class they teach. From the laid back nature of the classes to the highly enriched knowledge their students gain, students will come away with more than just credentials.

At Intricate Art, we feel our approach is the most enjoyable, beneficial and productive form of instruction. It improves learning, application, and therefore, patient outcome.

We provide full time, permanent access to ourselves for all our students regarding any questions following courses. It is beneficial for students to have someone to speak with, text or email regarding certain patient cases or other questions. This provides improved safety, confidence and application for new needlers and manipulators, significantly improving the learning curve.

Angela and Jason teach every class together to offer students varying points of view and to assist students that may be uncomfortable working in certain areas of the body. Note: Angela may not be present during the weekday portions of DN 1 & DN 2


What do we teach?

Students have the option to complete:

Certifications & Fellowship:

Intricate Art Dry Needling cert. (IADN cert.) = DN 1 + DN 2

Intricate Art Dry Needling Fellowship: DN 1, DN 2, DN 3, Lumbopelvic DN, assist teaching 5 DN courses of your choice and write a case study, which we will work with you to publish.

Intricate Art Manual Therapy Certification (IAMTC) = DN 1, DN 2, DN 3, Cervicothoracic Manipulation, Lumbopelvic Manipulation, Extremity Manipulation & Cervicogenic Dizziness

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