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Online Dry Needling 2: Dry Needling to Improve Men's & Women's Pelvic Health

Online Dry Needling 2: Dry Needling to Improve Men's & Women's Pelvic Health

In our online dry needling 2 course, Dry Needling to Improve Men's & Women's Pelvic Health, you will learn the power of dry needling treatment to resolve numerous pelvic health impairments, including erectile dysfunction, incontinence, pain with sex, postpartum pain, general dysfunction, and more. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the wide-ranging neurophysiologic benefits of electrical auricular vagus nerve stimulation, how to use it to regulate the mind and body toward homeostasis, and why it is vital to include in treatment for pelvic health impairments.

Dry needling’s awesome effect on mental health, and why mental and pelvic health are intricately interconnected, is discussed in detail. You will achieve an advanced knowledge of how to utilize the pelvic floor as an access point to the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system, and why treating the structures innervated by the sacral plexus induce potent homeostatic, healing effects throughout the brain and body.

Intricate Art online needling courses are for both new and experienced needlers alike. We discuss the advanced application of dry needling using our unique methodology of treating the autonomic nervous system itself. If you already know how to needle, implementing these new ways of thinking about needling treatment is something you can do immediately, and will result in significantly improved in patient outcomes. This is one of the most frequent complements we receive from experienced needlers who have taken our online courses. If you do not already needle, you will walk away from these courses with the background information, knowledge, and understanding to begin your needling career with the most advanced, effective needling technique created to date.

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Course Outline

Part 1: Dry Needling to Improve Men’s & Women’s Pelvic Health

  • Pelvic Health & the Forgotten Nine.
  • Men’s Pelvic Health: Erectile Dysfunction & Pain with Sex.
  • Women’s Pelvic Health: Pain with Sex, Hormone, & Soft Tissue Dysfunction.
  • Male & Female Incontinence.

Part 2: Electrical Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Improve Pelvic Health.

Part 3: Is Exercise Necessary to Resolve Pelvic Dysfunction.

Part 4: The Intricate Interconnectivity of the Jaw & Pelvic Floor.

Part 5: Optimize Tissue Healing to Improve Pelvic Health.

Part 6: Why Dry Needling Eliminates the Majority of Reasons to Perform Internal Pelvic Treatment.

Part 7: Dry Needling & Joint Manipulation of Pelvic Structures to Treat Impairments Anywhere in the Body.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Explain why treating the jaw is vital to improve pelvic health and autonomic nervous system homeostasis.
  2. Extrapolate upon why treating the vagus nerve distribution in the ear is essential for maximal pelvic function.
  3. Utilize improved treatment strategies when treating pelvic dysfunction, including areas outside the pelvic floor, to maximize autonomic nervous system homeostasis and the overall health of your patients, not only pelvic health.
  4. Formulate effective strategies in clinical practice to improve your treatment of impairments such as urge incontinence, pain with sex, and more, using the thoughtful implementation of dry needling in clinical practice.
  5. Quickly and effectively decrease sympathetic autonomic hyperactivity, elevate parasympathetic autonomic activity, and induce ANS homeostasis with an in-depth understanding of how to use dry needling to treat the nervous system itself.
  6. Use dry needling to specifically target and regulate certain brain pathways, like the trigeminocervical complex, to improve mental and pelvic health.
  7. Improve their understanding of how the human body works in relation to autonomic nervous system dysfunction and how it specifically inhibits normal pelvic function, and how that, in turn, inhibits body and brain function.
  8. Utilize pelvic floor dry needling to improve any mental or physical health impairment through direct modulation of the autonomic nervous system.
  9. Attain advanced knowledge of the neurophysiologic processes associated with erectile dysfunction, and will understand how to induce significant improvements in vasodilation, muscular elasticity, and sexual function.
  10. Provide both men and women with medication-free pelvic treatment that quickly, safely, and effectively improves pelvic health in the overwhelming majority of patients, secondary to advanced knowledge in the utilization of dry needling to specifically affect the autonomic nervous system.

Target Audience: PT’s, PTA’s, AT’s, OT’s, OTA’s, DC’s, MD’s, DO’s, Nurses, anyone who wants to learn about dramatically improving men’s and women’s pelvic health with the thoughtful implementation of dry needling.

Instructor: Jason Schuster, PT, DPT, MTC, IAMTC, IADN Cert. Specialist
Contact Hours / CEU’s: 10
Price: $250
Prerequisites: None
Course Format: Online, Recorded Webinar
Educational Level: Advanced
Date: Continuous
State Approvals:
Athletic Trainers: BOC Approved Provider # 10256.
Physical Therapists: Texas Physical Therapy Association (TPTA): Approval# 78075TX.

Testing: To receive a certificate of completion for CEU credit, students must pass the exam with a score of at least 80%.

Purchase Online DN 2 Here

These online courses do not teach you how to needle, they teach you how to think about needling to optimize treatment efficacy. Our online courses are not intended to replace in-person dry needling instruction. Each course provides a theoretical discussion with practical application for those who already have needling experience or are looking to gain valuable background knowledge prior to learning, or for those who would simply like to learn about dry needling and its potent regulatory effect on the autonomic nervous system.

These courses may, or may not satisfy state licensure requirements to allow you to practice dry needling. Please refer to your state practice act for rules and regulations associated with obtaining and maintaining a license to practice dry needling in your state, according to your health care license.

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