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Intricate Art Lumbopelvic Dry Needling, Including the Pelvic Floor

Intricate Art Lumbopelvic Dry Needling, Including the Pelvic Floor

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Intricate Art Lumbopelvic DN, Including the Pelvic Floor, is a 2 day, lab intensive, on-site course designed to instruct participants in the application of dry needling to lumbopelvic structures, including the female and male pelvic floor musculature. Students are not required to expose their pelvic floor in class. We provide live models for students who may be uneasy exposing their pelvic floor.

This course is for all practitioners, not only pelvic floor specialists. The pelvic floor is often the missing link to resolving those difficult, nagging impairments. We see pelvic floor DN resolve everything from incontinence to headache's. LBP patients often continue to suffer until the pelvic floor is addressed, at which point they fully recover.

This is not your typical pelvic floor needling class. Our course focuses on treating the pelvic floor and associated structures as a means to help improve patient function relating to many impairments, not only pelvic floor impairments, such as incontinence. Low back, knee, stomach, and even shoulder pain and function are often significantly improved following needling of the pelvic floor and associated structures.

Learning how to needle these oft-forgotten about structures can be the difference between success and failure for a wide variety of patients, not just pelvic floor patients. Angela and I incorporate the use of pelvic floor DN with a large percentage of our patients, and we are NOT pelvic floor specialists.

The thoracolumbar spine, abdomen, pelvis and hip joint complex are all essential to treating the pelvic floor and are covered in-depth throughout the course. Cesarean section and mastectomy scar needling, as well as an intro into pelvic manipulation is included. Internal palpation, internal treatment and internal assessment are NOT included in this course.

This course provides a comprehensive review of anatomy, neurophysiology, and practical, hands-on Dry Needling techniques. An introduction to lumbopelvic manipulative techniques is included. We discuss clinical reasoning related to treating the pelvic floor and surrounding structurtes for wide variety of conditions.

This course is a unique approach for the general clinician or PF specialist who wish to expand their capabilities for treating patients with lumbopelvic dysfunction. The theory behind treating the pelvic floor structures for pelvic floor dysfucntion and non-pelvic-floor dysfunction is discussed. The pelvic floor is often the missing link for patients with chronic LBP and other lumbopelvic impairments.

Note to Participants: We provide live, male and female models for the needling portion including the true pelvic floor structures. We encourage students to participate in this portion of the class, but you are not required to.

We DO NOT provide instruction for the methodology behind treating specific pelvic floor impairments, such as urge versus stress incontinence. This course focuses on teaching the safe and proper application of DN and manipulation to structures directly, or indirectly, related to pelvic floor dysfunction.

You DO NOT have to be pelvic floor certified or a pelvic floor clinician to attend this course. Again, this course focuses on teaching how to safely and properly needle and manipulate structures related to lumbopelvic dysfunction. If you are looking for specific protocols for treating various pelvic floor impairments, we encourage you to look elsewhere. If you are looking for a new, powerful tool to help improve patient outcome in a wide variety of circumstances, this course is for you.

A Note to hesitant students: A large % of the true pelvic floor muscles are treatable, with needles, without exposing the genitalia. Many of my pelvic floor patients fully recover without ever having exposed their genitalia in the clinic.

We will cover the pelvic floor proper during this course (this is one of the most comfortable areas of the body to be needled. I am not kidding. It's weird!). However, I would like to make it clear that most of my pelvic floor patients fully recover without ever having exposed their genitalia in the clinic. This is a life changing treatment that is not difficult to perform. We strongly encourage all medical professionals able to dry needle to take this course.

Athletic Trainers: I promise, this will help improve athletic performance in many of your athletes, both male and female.

Following the course, each student receives access to both instructors via cell phone or email and are encouraged to contact us at any time with clinical questions or concerns.


  • Jason Schuster, PT, DPT, MTC, IAMTC, IADN cert.
  • Angela Carlson, PT, DPT, IAMTC, GCS, IADN cert.


  • 16 for PT’s.
  • 16 Category A Live units for AT’s.
  • PACE certification coming soon for chiropractors.

Fee: $795.

Note: All materials are provided as part of the course cost.

Who Should Take This Course: PT, MD, DO, DC, PA, AT or NP. If other professions are allowed to perform DN per State Board, that is acceptable.

Prerequisites: State practice act that includes dry needling as being within the scope of practice. Active malpractice insurance.

Note: This course has a laid back, relaxing atmosphere (I was a fly fishing guide for 10 years afterall). We feel this is the most enjoyable, beneficial and productive form of instruction. It's one of the most frequent compliments we have received while teaching in the past and students seem to truly enjoy it. This also improves learning, application and therefore, patient outcome.

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