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Dry Needling and Quantum Theory

Dry Needling and Quantum Theory

The more one needles, the more incredibly odd and wonderful effects are observed.

Have you ever placed a needle into yourself or a patient, and had the most insanely unusual response? Be it physical, emotional or a combination of the two? I am not talking about a trigger point dissolving under the needle, although that is cool. I am talking about a single needle in one part of the body, that instantaneously creates an effect in a completely different part of the body that is totally unexpected? Black magic type stuff. During a DN class, I placed a needle somewhere around a student’s lateral malleolus. Her jaw immediately starting fasciculating. I’m not talking a small tremor; it was like watching a serious nystagmus of the jaw. How does this happen?

How in the world can needling the ankle have an instantaneous neurophysiologic effect on the jaw? It does not seem possible. Most doctors would tell you this is impossible. But I saw this happen with my own eyes and I have witnessed hundreds of other similarly strange occurrences while needling. And no, I do not needle spinal cord tissue or brain stem tissue… I have spent a lot of time thinking about weird stuff over the years and I believe happenings like this, along with the concept of acupuncture meridians, can and will be more fully understood and manipulated as our understanding of quantum theory advances.

Wait! Don’t run away, I’m not crazy. My mom had me tested. Seriously. She had me tested. I was non-verbal until almost the age of 3, when I began speaking in complete sentences. I wonder if it’s cause I was dropped on my head… Well, OK, I am crazy, just ask anyone who knows me at all. Haha. However, mark my words, just remember about that insane PT talking about quantum theory and DN when the technology finally proves I’m not nuts. This stuff is really cool you guys. The implications and possibilities that accompany evolution in quantum biological understanding are mind boggling.

Quantum biology is relatively a new discipline, arising from recent research that suggests that biological phenomena such as photosynthesis, enzyme catalysis, avian navigation or olfaction may not only operate within the bounds of classical physics, but also make use of a number of the non-trivial features of quantum mechanics, such as coherence, tunnelling and, perhaps, entanglement.

Nevertheless, it is being increasingly recognized that, just as early quantum scientists argued, living systems may after all depend on the dynamics of small numbers of molecules that are extremely well localized (extending across just a few nanometers—the scale of biomolecules such as proteins) and can take place over very short time scales (often of the order of picoseconds, 10−12). This relative isolation in space, complexity and time could allow non-trivial, purely quantum mechanical processes to play an important role in living systems. There is now growing evidence that this is indeed the case.

Huh? I can hear eyeballs rolling backwards. It’s so cool! I’ll explain. Anyone watch the Big Bang Theory? My wife tells me I’m like Sheldon… I like Sheldon, so I’m good with that. Alright, so there are a bunch of cool phenomena that occur when you look at subatomic particles, like protons, electrons, quarks or gluons. Quarks and gluons are the building blocks of protons and neutrons, which in turn are the building blocks of atomic nuclei. The thing that I am most interested in when it comes to stuff on this scale in our bodies, is quantum entanglement.

What is quantum entanglement?

Imagine 2 electrons in a room together. Think of them as two little penguins, I like penguins. Now, both electron penguins have a certain “spin”. Think of spin as the electric charge being either at the head or at the feet of the penguin electrons. If one has the charge at the head, the other should have the charge at the feet. These particles, or bits of energy, have a quantum connection until the point that we observe them. At that point, the quantum connection is broken, or appears to be, at least. The fact that observation of what is happening seems to disrupt the connection is a conundrum.

This is not witchcraft or black magic, although I’m not entirely convinced of that. I read a lot of fantasy books so I have some thoughts… But seriously, we know for a fact that this crazy coupling happens.

Groups of tiny things can become entangled, just as the two penguin electrons became entangled. For things to become entangled, they first must be in close proximity to each other. Whether it be phosphate ions or nervous tissue, I believe it all has the potential to be quantumly entangled or somehow connected with other parts or systems of our body. I base this, in part, on the fact that when we are first conceived, we are made up 3 primary types of cells, that then differentiate to form the human body. These are the endoderm, mesoderm & ectoderm. I posit the acupuncture meridians are a poorly understood representation of sclerotomal quantum entanglement throughout our body. There, prove me wrong! Hahaha, not possible, yet.

Remember the story I told you earlier, about sticking a needle into someone’s ankle and watching her jaw bounce around like she was freezing? She had chronic jaw pathology by the way, that significantly improved after this happened. What if these two parts of this person’s body were somehow entangled? And by addressing the ankle, the corresponding entangled tissue in the jaw also improved? Or was the entangled tissue in the brain, that caused the jaw to change? What if this is really what acupuncture meridians are? A kind of map for typical quantumly coupled portions of our bodies and brains? What if the homunculus is in some way a map of quantum systems that we understand exist, but not precisely how?

I always think about this question; what percent of all scientific medical knowledge do we currently understand and have mastery over? I bet if we could quantify all the scientific medical knowledge, past, present, and future, as a whole, we currently know less than 10% of all of it. Just think about all the crazy medicines out there for all sorts of nonsense that people could mostly avoid simply by staying in shape and eating healthy. If we really knew what we were doing, people would not need to take pills long term, or for life for certain conditions. We could just fix it and be done with it. We wouldn’t simply treat disease, we would eliminate disease. I believe Quantum theory will come to play a pivotal role in the evolution of medicine, including DN, if the pharmaceutical companies don’t sabotage it first.

There are some really cool acupuncture studies on various topics, that show with en-vivo brain imaging, how needles placed in certain locations significantly alter electrical activity in specific portions of the brain. I believe that once we learn more about particle behavior on a quantum level, in organic tissue, we will come to further understand how to significantly, with specific purpose, alter brain activity for a wide variety of treatments, including pain management.


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