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Host an Intricate Art Course

Host an Intricate Art Course

We offer a unique option for our 3 day, 27 unit Dry Needling 1 and Dry Needling 2 courses, if the course is private. Instead of closing your clinic for a day, we offer to teach 5-10 pm on Thursday & Friday and full days on Saturday & Sunday. This option is only for private courses and requires an additional $500 fee.

All manipulation courses, DN 3 and pelvic floor DN are 2 days, typically Saturday-Sunday.

The minimum number of students required to host a course is 9. For 9 paying students the host receives 2 free spots ($1,590 value for DN, $1,390 for manipulation). For 15 paying students, the host receives an additional 2 free spots for a total of 4 ($3,180 value for DN, $2,780 for manipulation). The maximum number of free spots for a course is 4. We like to incentivize our hosts to help fill the courses by providing more free spots for the host than other companies.

Courses may be private or open to the public. For a private course, the host is responsible for providing at least 9 paying students. For public courses, we will market to provide at least 9 paying students. The host is not required to help market, but remember, the more students in the course, the more free spots you get.

The only thing required of the host is to provide a space to teach and at least 1 treatment table per 2 students. We provide a projector and all other course materials.

Click here to contact us about hosting an event →