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Idiopathic Disease

Idiopathic Disease

Idiopathic Disease: A Leading Cause of Mental & Physical Health Impairment in the United States

Plantar fasciitis is a common chronic impairment many people deal with for decades, or life, in some instances. Plantar foot pain can be one of those nagging, persistent injuries that will get super painful, maybe more or less goes away for a while, but the pain and dysfunction invariably return. It's like you can get it to go most of the way away, but just can't get it to go all the way away. Unless you amputate... I know, not super helpful... But don’t tell me that hasn’t crossed your mind from time to time!

Anyway, plantar fasciitis, epicondylitis, headaches, incontinence, tinnitus, low back pain, fibromyalgia, erectile dysfunction (ED), brain fog, chronic fatigue, and many other common idiopathic impairments are just that. They are problems that persist with no apparent ongoing causative factor, as long as you utilize mainstream medical thinking, where if there is no pill that can be prescribed for life to potentially mask a symptom or two, based on matching your subjective symptoms to a list in a book or on the computer without using a single brain cell or actual scientific measure, your problem is considered idiopathic. And you are totally screwed. Yes, it’s that bad.

If there was an initial insult or injury, mentally or physically, and your body and brain have structurally healed without obvious remaining pathology, theoretically, you should be good to go. But we all know this is not always the case. Oftentimes, the symptoms elicited by the initial event persist, or get worse, or new impairments start to randomly pop up indefinitely into the future.

The term "idiopathic" is used far too often in mainstream medicine (basically anything you can use your health insurance for I consider “mainstream medicine”). The majority of the most widespread health impairments and causes of death in the US are technically labeled as idiopathic. Most autoimmunity, cancers, high blood pressure, chronic pain, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, tinnitus, cardiovascular disease, and numerous other common chronic impairments are considered to have no specific, observable cause. This is nonsense.

The reason these common problems are labeled as “cause unknown” is multifaceted. These are my top 2 reasons for this phenomenon: 1) The cures for the problem are not controlled by the medical establishment, are not on-patent, and are cheap and effective. Therefore, the people in power cannot make shit-piles of money being the drug dealers for general public. 2) Medical practitioners working in settings that accept health insurance are more or less told how to practice medicine through the dictates of insurance reimbursement, not the patient’s health. And for some unbeknownst reason (it’s cowardice), most doctors go along with this. The result of this situation is contrary to every basic ethical and practical tenant in medicine. You end up with doctors taking clinical orders from people working for the insurance companies, who may or may not have any medical training, who have zero personal relationship with your patient, no legal responsibility, as the doctor does, and are in no sensible, logical, or ethical position to be making any medical decisions for anyone.

The ruling class of the mainstream medical system worship 2 things. Money and Power. Yes, improving people’s health, which you would think would be the driving ideology, is nowhere to be found. Healthy people are not profitable to a system that relies on people being sick. Insurance-based healthcare strictly regiments doctors to seeing as many patients a day, and prescribing as many drug, or performing as many surgeries as possible, while at the same time, using as little brain power as possible.

If our medical establishment and ruling agencies weren’t so appallingly corrupted, and if more medical practitioners who actually understand and see the truth were willing to publicly speak their minds, the term “idiopathic disease” would be used far less, as it should be, and people would be far healthier, as they should be. Let me explain. I know this is hard to swallow, but this is the truth. Ignore it at your peril.

With insurance-based healthcare, in general, the way medicine is practiced and studied in the US makes me want to vomit all over myself. Over 80% of all research funding for medical schools comes from the NIH and other corrupt governmental agencies. The government owns a huge number of patents on vaccines and other drugs. The primary way medical schools make money is through their research and government funding. In 2020, about 75% of all advertisements and commercials on TV were from Pharma companies. A large percentage of high-level people working in the ruling medical governmental agencies, once they are done working for the government, are hired as board members or in other multimillion-dollar salary positions by Pharma companies, based solely on their ability to manipulate the process to get new drugs approved, funding for research, more poison in our food, etc. Medical experience treating actual human beings is not required.

The overwhelming majority of idiopathic diseases are not idiopathic at all. They are from eating food filled with man-made, FDA-approved poison, along with being lazy. Think of it this way. What happens if you slowly start adding water to your car gas? Mind you, this is the one and only car you will ever have. Well, I’m no car expert, but more or less, the engine is not made to burn water, it’s meant to burn gas. It cannot process the water, so the water starts to accumulate in different parts of the engine, the engine has to work harder to make the car go because it has all this extra crap floating around it cannot use, but is taking up space and energy, and at some point, something, or many things, malfunction.

Now, if you were to use mainstream medical “thinking” to tackle this situation, your solution to this problem would be to blame carburetor for malfunctioning. Because it is easy to see and this computer system right here says there is a nice, expensive pill for bad carburetors. Yes, it has side effects, the tires may melt, and yes, this has zero chance of ever fixing the problem because I never bothered to think or look further than the first piece of blatantly obvious evidence, and yes, you must take this for life. And the computer says this is the solution, so, this is the solution! Here ya go, have a good day now! This is how your medical maladies are handled in the mainstream. This is how medicine is handled when the government is in charge.

Then think about just letting your car sit in the driveway for 20 years in this state, because it doesn’t feel good to drive anymore, and you have been told by a professional that your problems are idiopathic and you are basically SOL. Then you hop in the car one day and expect the car to run. This is precisely how your body and mind are treated in a typical mainstream medical practice. Would you treat your one and only car for life like this? I think not. Why are we OK with treating our minds and bodies like this?

In 2023, we are treating medical impairments as if we had the technology and resources available in 1950. Nowadays, we can easily assess and monitor our epigenome, genome, nutrient deficiencies, areas supplementation can help, etc. This is all extremely cheap and easy compared to the incoherent process the majority of patients go through at the doctor’s office. If 75% of TV commercials were actually aimed at improving the public’s health instead of making them permanent patients, if the general public did a few simple things, the majority of idiopathic diseases in the US would be eliminated in a generation or two.

  • Don’t eat processed food.
  • Individual, objective supplementation based on actual objective measures.
  • Exercise properly and consistently for life.
  • Thoughtfully performed Dry Needling and joint manipulation to consistently remove tissue pathology and target the parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system to reduce sympathetic autonomic hyperactivity and induce autonomic homeostasis. This is to counter the wear and tear on your brain and body from the act of living and to maintain as minimal a level of tissue pathology as possible.
My video on Idiopathic Disease

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