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Intricate Art Lumbopelvic Manipulation

Intricate Art Lumbopelvic Manipulation


This is a 2-day (typically Sat-Sun) introductory course on lumbopelvic manipulation, theory and practical application. It's built on years of experience with DO’s, DC’s and PT’s. Various aspects from these different professions are incorporated into this course. I played D1 ice hockey in college and have been manipulated by many people, in many professions, prior to manipulating my own patients. A wide variety of techniques are discussed in-depth throughout this course, with focus on providing safe and effective clinical manipulative treatment for a wide variety of patients.

How to treat high-level athletic impairments, SIJ dysfunction, incontinence, lower extremity neuropathy, LBP and other impairments with manipulative techniques is covered throughout the course.

Often-times, in order to provide effective, pain-free HVLA treatment, other manipulative techniques, such as soft tissue manipulation and grades 1-4 must be employed prior. These techniques are also covered throughout this course as an aid and adjunct to the grade 5 techniques you will learn.

How to utilize Dry Needling in conjunction with manipulative therapy is also covered in-depth throughout this course.

Students will learn the skills required to perform safe and effective lumbopelvic manipulative techniques to properly selected patients.

Significant time will be spent on safety, biomechanics, and neurovascular anatomy & physiology. This course centers on hands-on, practical experience with partners.

Additionally, this course will include history taking, informed consent, set up procedures, relative and absolute contraindications, efficacy, physiology, global and local forces generated during manipulation, controversy regarding the utilization of manipulation, arterial dissection, and other evidence based research.

Following the course, each student receives access to both instructors via cell phone or email and are encouraged to contact us at any time with clinical questions or concerns.

This is 1 of 7 courses necessary to attain for your Intricate Art Manual Therapy Certification (IAMTC).


  • Jason Schuster, PT, DPT, MTC, IAMTC, IADN Cert. Specialist


  • 16 for PTs.
  • 16 Category A Live units for ATs.

Fee: $695.

Active malpractice insurance. Course content is within the scope of practice per state board or ruling agency.

Who Should Take This Course: PT’s, AT’s, and OT's
(Not for DC's)

Note: This course has a laid back, relaxing atmosphere (I was a fly fishing guide for 10 years afterall). We feel this is the most enjoyable, beneficial and productive form of instruction. It's one of the most frequent compliments we have received while teaching in the past and students seem to truly enjoy it. This also improves learning, application and therefore, patient outcome.