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Dry Needling in New Jersey: Is it Legal for Physical Therapists & How Does it Boost Patient Population & Clinic Revenue?

Dry Needling in New Jersey: Is it Legal for Physical Therapists & How Does it Boost Patient Population & Clinic Revenue?

Short Answer 1: Yes, new legislation, 2022, NJ, states that dry needling is within the scope of practice for Physical Therapists (PT’s).

Short Answer 2: The implementation of dry needling significantly increases patient population and revenue, secondary to improving patient outcomes more quickly and effectively. This is also an excellent way to amplify or simply begin a cash-based portion of your business.

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Can PT’s Needle in NJ?

Yes, woohoo (as of April 18, 2022)!! New Jersey is one of those states that used to allow PT’s to needle, then the acupuncture board pushed back and said that PT’s were performing acupuncture. Now things are as they should be, with both PT’s and acupuncturists using needling to help people in their own unique way.

In 2020, the American Medical Association (AMA) and Medicare Specifically delineated that DN is NOT acupuncture. There are now 2 specific CPT codes for DN. Currently, NY, CA, OR, WA and HI are the only states that do not allow PT’s to needle. I have spoken with all of their boards and they have informed me that they are working on repealing the rules inhibiting PT’s from needling.

Will Implementing DN into a PT Practice Increase Patient Population & Clinic Revenue?

Yes, without question. I've have had numerous opportunities to introduce DN to clinics while working as a travel PT.

In every instance, after a couple of months of needling in the clinic, the patient population swelled.

DN is so wonderfully, quickly effective compared to regular PT treatments, word gets out fast. You will have family members and friends of current patients calling the clinic nonstop because they have heard of some new magical treatment being performed. Aside from this, if needling is performed properly, surgeons will want their patients seen in your clinic specifically for needling because patient outcomes when needling is incorporated into treatment are far superior.

The implementation of needling also allows for fast and effective treatment of things that have not been quickly or easily treatable before, without needles. Things like cervicogenic dizziness, incontinence, plantar fasciitis, iliopsoas pathology, multifidus pathology and epicondylitis, to name a few. All of these factors lead to more interest and business for your clinic. Not to mention improved patient outcomes.

What is the Biggest Reason to Implement DN into Your Clinical Practice?

Thoughtfully performed DN has profound homeostatic effects on ANS homeostasis. Needling is, without question, the most powerful tool PT’s have at their disposal to quickly and effectively regulate the ANS toward homeostasis. The vast majority of PT patients present with sympathetic ANS hyperactivity. Remember, the ANS includes the gut-brain-axis (enteric nervous system + brain) and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. These two axes control the majority of hormone and neurotransmitter concentrations, along with the majority of our immune response.

Overall, needling has a dampening effect on the sympathetic portion of the ANS and elevates the parasympathetic portion. If the parasympathetic portions of the ANS are directly targeted, the homeostatic effect on the ANS is increased. ANS homeostasis helps improve every medical impairment that comes to mind.

Let me know if anyone has any questions about anything. Hosting a course is super easy and the host gets some free spots!