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How Do I Get Certified In Dry Needling?

How Do I Get Certified In Dry Needling?

Getting certified in dry needling is a different process for different professions and it varies by state. Whatever your unique requirements, Intricate Art Spine & Body Solutions has courses to satisfy your needs.

Most of our students are Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Occupational Therapists. From time to time, we have Medical Doctors and Physicians’ Assistants. If dry needling is within your scope of practice per your regulating board, you are more than welcome in any of our classes.

Regardless of your specific profession, the best way to get the most up-to-date regulations regarding dry needling in your state is to take a look at your state board website. For Physical Therapists, the requirements vary widely. Washington state requires 75 hours of in-person education prior to clinical practice, New Jersey requires 80 hours, many states require 50 hours, and some require 25 or 27 hours. These rules and regulations are changed and updated all the time, so it is a good idea to check a few times a year with your board to make sure you understand the most recent changes in regulation, if any.

Intricate Art dry needling courses are certified by the Board of Athletic Training (BOC), the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), many state boards of physical therapy, and numerous state chiropractic boards. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) stopped certifying CEU’s for physical therapists in 2020. Now every state board of physical therapy either requires their own specific certification, or accepts any classes certified by any other state subchapter of the APTA. There are currently about 10 states that require their own unique certification. Whatever your circumstance, we can help you get certified in dry needling. If you have any questions about your specific circumstance, just get ahold of us and we will help you out.

Training under Intricate Art with our unique approach to dry needling will provide you with the ability to maximally induce autonomic nervous system homeostasis, the key to health.

Here is an example of the thought process behind our approach:

We want to push our patient's autonomic nervous system as far in the parasympathetic direction as possible, as fast as possible. The longer the needles are left in place, to a point, with the parasympathetics dominant, the more effective treatment is. The longer the brain has to respond to a stimulus, if said stimulus just so happens to induce homeostasis, we can use it to free the brain and body of the shackles placed upon them by the hyperactive sympathetic autonomic nervous system. When this happens, magical wizard-healing takes place. This is good.

I always target the parasympathetic-dominant regions of the body with my first needles, then move on to treat whatever else. These regions include the sacral plexus, pelvic floor, upper cervical, vagus nerve in the ear, Otic ganglion of the trigeminal nerve, suture lines of the skull. This immediately pushes the autonomic nervous system in the direction we want it to go, in the parasympathetic direction, which is the overall result of needling in general. Targeting the parasympathetics first limits the amplitude and duration of the initial sympathetic spike elicited from being poked with sharp objects, which has been shown to last about 15 minutes on average in the studies looking into this. One of the reasons thoughtful needling is so powerful is it utilizes both sides of the autonomic nervous system. The initial sympathetic spike followed by parasympathetic dominance is apparently just what the brain needs to reestablish proper communication with the body.

Want to learn how to naturally induce homeostasis to heal your body and mind with dry needling and joint manipulation?

Follow us to stay up to date on varying aspects of dry needling, joint manipulation, & autonomic nervous system homeostasis, the key to health.

Check out our online dry needling course, blog, YouTube page, and in-person course schedule for more information.

Online DN 1: Dry Needling & the Autonomic Nervous System: 15 CEU's, $299.

Online DN 2: Dry Needling to Improve Men's & Women's Pelvic Health: 10 CEU's, $250.

Live-Online Dry Needling: Dry Needling & the Autonomic Nervous System: 10 CEU’s, $495.