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The Future of Dry Needling: Sclerotomal Quantum Fields and Entanglement

The Future of Dry Needling: Sclerotomal Quantum Fields and Entanglement

Acupuncture meridians are generally thought of as 12 or so energy fields running throughout our bodies. I think the general idea is correct; however, I think the orientation and makeup of these energy pathways, or fields, is different from current, common thought or understanding thus far.

Acupuncture has a fascinating, thousands of years old history, and it is incredible to watch what skilled acupuncturists can accomplish. I think of balancing meridians and achieving homeostasis to basically be the same thing. There are certain malleable energy fields flowing throughout the human body, although we have yet to conceptualize them correctly. Our entire body is an electrical circuit, and this has to be correct based on that simple fact. If we could more fully understand how to diagnose and treat imbalances in these fields, amazing medical advances would come to fruition.

Quantum Entanglement + Acupuncture

I believe some types of quantumly entangled energy fields inside and in between sclerotomal cell types are initialized during conception. As our endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm differentiate to form the human body, these entangled fields spread out to encompass our body. I posit that certain types of sclerotomal cells, or groups of cells, maintain some type of quantum field entanglement and directly affect one another in differing ways, depending on the cell types and conditions. I have a feeling that consciousness, and the study of what exactly it is, is related to these entangled energy fields (more on this in an upcoming blog). These phenomena are just at the beginning stages of understanding, which is why this is all so exciting. I think these entangled fields of sclerotomal components will vary throughout the body and throughout life, with some remaining constant, depending on certain environmental, physical, mental, epigenetic, and other as yet unknown factors.

There are multiple mainstream hypotheses or theories about quantum stuff, in general. I believe that the truth lies in combining ideas from a few of them and continuing to develop an open-minded understanding of our reality so we can solve the puzzle.String theory is one of the mainstream quantum theories.

What is String Theory? Very simply, it says there are these strings of energy, on a tiny scale, invisible to the human eye, electrons and protons, the stuff that makes up electrons and protons, and the stuff that makes up that stuff, that exist in different planes, or dimensions. These differently shaped and oscillating fields of energy are thought to be some of the building blocks of our universe.

There are many other theories out there, such as the many worlds interpretation, bohemian mechanics, quantum field theory, and relational quantum mechanics, to name a few.

One of the really cool things I love is the combination of physics and philosophy in an attempt to understand the base aspects of our universe, including consciousness. This is fascinating and vital. The important thing to understand is that these are currently just really cool theories that have varying success at predicting quantum activity. Experiments are being performed in an attempt to validate one of them, but we are some way off from figuring it out. Keeping an open mind and thinking outside the box—like studying quantum biology—is how this stuff is going to be solved. In addition to using awesome technologies like supercolliders, we should be spending more time looking into figuring out quantum behavior in warm, biologic systems. Yes, this is extremely challenging at the moment, but the only way to proceed is to try.

We already use quantum mechanics more frequently than people may think. For example, the unit of time, the second, is based on the oscillation of a Cesium atom. MRIs take advantage of measuring quantum alterations of protons. We already take advantage of quantum oddness for a lot of really advanced technologies, and more is being discovered every day. However, not enough interest is currently placed in quantum biology. We need some way to find the entangled fields in our bodies. This would allow us to make wonderful new medical advancements.

Many of the early thinkers about quantum theory had an inkling that quantum mechanics may play a role in biology. At a base level, as far as we know, everything is quantum. However, these early thinkers had no way of looking into quantum biology deeply enough to determine if biology had evolved to specifically take advantage of—and utilize—certain quantum phenomena, making them non-trivial and significant. This is key. In recent years, technology has improved to the point where we have begun to unlock some of the crazy, magical mysteries of quantum phenomena in our bodies. So cool! Some areas of study in quantum biology are, “quantum tunnelling and the importance of protein dynamics in enzymatic H-transfer reactions; quantum effects in photosynthesis; magnetic field effects on spin dependent reactions in biology: candidates and constraints; proton tunnelling in DNA; fluorescent protein as a novel model system for quantum biology; and quantum coherence in neuronal ion channels.”

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I propose that electrical needling impacts all of these processes to some degree or another. Two of these areas of study I think are the most applicable to potentially observe, currently, in regards to needling, are the quantum effects of electromagnetic fields induced with electrical needling and regulating quantum coherence and entanglement in neuronal ion channels via electrical needling. Take a trigger point, all the cells, neurons, organelles, and other crazy things within it, for example. What if we made a circle of needles around the pathology and connected the needles with copper wire, then put a channel of microcurrent, at certain frequencies and intensities, into the circle. Electricity moving in a circle generates an electromagnetic field. Quantum stuff responds to electromagnetic fields.

I am going to try this on my leg. I really need to get a microneurography machine. If my leg falls off, or if I generate superpowers, I will let you know. But seriously, we need to think about new ways to figure this stuff out. Imagine the possibilities! Like superpowers!

If we could alter and control this magnetic field, which we can, while at the same time observing the quantum changes in the sarcomeres, neurons, and other structures, I’m telling you, we would figure out some amazing new treatments to perform. Realizing a way to measure these effects would allow us to find the entangled sclerotomal fields of various cell types throughout the rest of the body in order to be able to specifically target them. Finding these connections would unlock vast potential.

The effect thoughtful needling has on regulating the ANS towards homeostasis is powerful beyond comprehension. Helping our bodies achieve an optimal state of function has innumerable known, and yet unknown, benefits. There is a lot of cool new research coming out about how attending to conscious control of the ANS can lead to changes and amazing health benefits. In other words, consciously regulating our own epigenetics can have homeostatic effects on the ANS. Crazy.

We have known how important the homeostasis of the ANS is for quite some time; however, we are learning a lot more about it all the time. We are utilizing so few of the known potential applications for needling, and scant, serious money is put towards investigating new possible applications. Sad. Same goes for lots of effective, more natural and healthy treatments. Some of them are incredibly powerful and have basically zero potential negative side effects. Although these types of treatments are finally beginning to reemerge, there is much unfounded opposition to them. This is because the government, and their pharma allies, can’t make a shit pile of money off treatments like needling. Keeping people semi-sick and feeding them pills their entire lives is much more profitable.

It would be really cool to have some serious studies looking into how to identify entangled sclerotomal fields throughout the human body. If we could identify these areas, we could study and manipulate them to continue unfolding the mysteries of quantum physiology. This would allow us a deeper understanding of how the human body functions. With a more complete understanding of these base processes, occurring in the millions every second of the day, treatments and cures for a multitude of impairments will be discovered.

Based on the crazy things I see all the time while needling, I am convinced that discovering the quantumly entangled energy fields coursing throughout our body will unlock a powerful ability to heal ourselves. Like I mentioned earlier, acupuncturists discovered these energy fields thousands of years ago, although I don’t think they have it quite right. Our bodies require vast amounts of electrical circuitry and activity to perform cohesively and function properly. Tiny changes in this electrical amalgamation can lead to catastrophic neurophysiologic results. If we could better understand how this all works on the most basic level possible, many treatments that have eluded us, like needling, will become possible with relatively simple intervention.

These are just some of the odd things I think about on a regular basis. If anyone has any questions about anything or any advice to offer, or if anyone has access to some cool equipment to test out these ideas, let me know.


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