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Treating the Tensor Veli Palatini (TVP) Muscle for Tinnitus (ear ringing)

Treating the Tensor Veli Palatini (TVP) Muscle for Tinnitus (ear ringing)

I have recently had numerous ENT MD’s ask me to specifically target the tensor veli palatini muscle to treat tinnitus.

Why Treat This muscle?

  • The tensor veli palatini muscle can most directly cause tinnitus and is one that nobody ever learns about. It attaches directly to the auditory tube cartilage and the top of the soft palate.
  • You cannot treat this muscle without needles. It is impossible to access. Just like you cannot treat anything but the skin, directly, without needles.
  • To access it with needles, you need to enter through the fossa just anterior to the TMJ. By entering through this space, you must pass through both masseters and both lateral heads of the lateral pterygoid. If you insert a few needles into this space, you can get all 3 pterygoids, both masseters and the TVP on each side.
  • So, you can treat about 12 muscles with a handful of needles.
  • If I had to pick 1 location in the face to treat, this would be it. You are treating all the primary TMD problem-causers and you are accessing tissue adjacent to a major ganglion of the trigeminal nerve.
  • This is excellent for all fascial palsies.
  • Works awesome to reduce sympathetic autonomic hyperactivity, which negatively affects the vast majority of humanity, as the facial nerves have significant parasympathetic components.
  • Great for headaches, tooth pain and brain fog.
  • Best individual muscle to treat tinnitus.
  • ANS homeostasis is the key to all health. Needling this area induces sympathetic depression, parasympathetic elevation and ANS homeostasis.

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