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Physical Therapists May Now Perform Dry Needling in Washington State!

Physical Therapists May Now Perform Dry Needling in Washington State!

Washington State Legislature Bill HB 1039 - 2023-24 Concerning physical therapists performing intramuscular needling

To satisfy the Washington state board of Physical Therapy requirements for dry needling, Washington state physical therapists must complete 75 hours of in-person intramuscular needling instruction.

At Intricate Art Spine & Body Solutions, we offer 4 dry needling courses with a total of 86 approved CEU’s/hours.

Note: Always refer to your scope of practice and professional board to confirm eligibility.

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Will Implementing DN into a Physical Therapy Practice Increase Patient Outcomes, Patient Numbers, & Clinic Revenue?
Yes, without question. I have had numerous opportunities to introduce DN to clinics while I was working as travel PT. In every instance, after a couple of months of needling in the clinic, the patient population swelled. After needling and teaching needling for nearly a decade now, I can tell you from personal experience that dry needling, especially when combined with joint manipulation, is one of the most potent tools in medicine to quickly and effectively induce autonomic nervous system homeostasis, the key to health.

DN is so wonderfully, quickly effective compared to typical treatments, word gets out fast. You will have family members and friends of current patients calling the clinic nonstop because they have heard of some new magical treatment being performed. Aside from this, if needling is performed properly, surgeons will want their patients seen in your clinic specifically for needling because patient outcomes when needling is incorporated into treatment are far superior.

The implementation of needling allows for fast and effective treatment of things that have not been quickly or easily treatable before, without needles. Things like cervicogenic dizziness, incontinence, plantar fasciitis, iliopsoas pathology, multifidus pathology, turf toe, groin strains, and epicondylitis, to name a few. All of these factors lead to more interest and business for your clinic, especially the significant improvements your patients will see in mental and physical health and functional outcomes.

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What is the Biggest Reason to Implement DN into Your Clinical Practice?
Thoughtfully performed DN has profound homeostatic effects on autonomic nervous system homeostasis. Needling is the most powerful tool PT’s have at their disposal to quickly and effectively regulate the autonomic nervous system toward homeostasis. The vast majority of PT patients present with sympathetic autonomic nervous system hyperactivity. Mental and physical stress, strain, pain, and trauma all cause sympathetic hyperactivity. The typical neurophysiologic response of the human mind and body to adversity is to elevate the sympathetic autonomic nervous system.

Overall, needling has a dampening effect on the sympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system and elevates the parasympathetic portion. If the parasympathetic portions of the ANS are specifically targeted, the homeostatic and healing effect on the autonomic nervous system is increased. Autonomic nervous system homeostasis helps improve every mental and physical impairment I know of.

In our unique courses, you will learn how to specifically target various portions of the autonomic nervous system with dry needling to rapidly regulate the autonomic nervous system and improve the health of your patients.

Want to learn how to naturally heal your body and mind with dry needling and joint manipulation? Follow us to stay up to date on varying aspects of dry needling, joint manipulation, & autonomic nervous system homeostasis, the key to health.

Check out our online dry needling course, blog, YouTube page, and in-person course schedule for more information.

Online Dry Needling 1: Dry Needling & the Autonomic Nervous System:


Hosting a Course
If you work for a clinic, university, athletic team or anywhere else and would like to host or attend a course to learn about dry needling or manipulation, let us know and we will get something squared away. Hosts receive free spaces based on enrollment!

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We teach 4 dry needling and 3 manipulation classes and offer 3 unique certifications, including our 7-course Intricate Art Manual Therapy Certification (IAMTC), 4-course Intricate Art Dry Needling Certified Specialist (IADN Cert. Specialist), and our 2-course Intricate Art Dry Needling certification (IADN cert.).